Episode 13

The Women of the Grail, told by Tara Wild | S3 Ep13

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Our Story

The twelfth century poet Chrétien de Troyes gives us the story of Perceval, a holy fool from the wild woods who visits the court of the Fisher King and eventually becomes the epitome of the chivalric knight.

In this retelling by Tara Wild, he meets three women, each with her own archetypal energy: the Grail Bearer, the Mourning Maiden, and the Loathly Lady. This story comes from Arthurian legend, and remains some of the only native mythology of Britain.

Our Guest

Tara Wild is a women’s educator, storyteller and songstress, focusing on uplifting nature-based feminine wisdom & ancestral teachings from Ireland & Britain. She's been on a journey of remembering and reclamation for over ten years, honoring the earth based feminine wisdom left in her blood and bones.

She's the creator of The Roundhouse, an online membership community that lovingly guides women into nature based feminine wisdom from the Irish traditions. She also runs courses, events, and workshops that serve thousands of women every year. She's trained as a Women’s Moon Circle facilitator with Moon Mná based in Dublin, Ireland, as a Keening & Breathwork facilitator.

She journeys to Ireland & Britain regularly for pilgrimage, and currently lives on the ancestral lands of the Ute and Arapaho people in the mountains of so-called Colorado (USA).

Find her on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and at tara-wild.com.

Continue your journey in Arthurian legend with Tara in her upcoming Women of the Wells workshop.

Our Conversation

  • The power of curiosity and the courage to ask the right question.
  • This is a story of transformation and the quest for spiritual maturity, not about the materialist prize of the grail
  • The archetypal energies in the story: Grail Bearer is life, the Mourning Maiden is Death, the Loathly Lady is Transformation and Rebirth.
  • The wasteland - in mythology, in the landscape, and in the psyche. What does it mean to live upon land that has lost its heart and in a society that has lost its soul?
  • This story invites us to encounter the wildness of The Loathly Lady and the grief of the Mourning Maiden. We tend to both embrace and reject these intense, difficult women and all they represent.
  • Is the Grail Bearer voiceless, or is she the power of silence?
  • Book recommendation: Circle of Stones: Woman's Journey to Herself by Judith Duerk
  • Mythology offers us a map back to ourselves that helps us restore balance in ourselves and in the wider world.

Our Music is by Beth Sweeney and Billy Hardy, a Celtic Fiddle & multi-instrumental duo based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts: billyandbeth.com

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Marisa Goudy is a story healer, a writing coach, and a word witch. Her book, The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic, was released in 2020.
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On this show, Marisa combines her passion for story with her love of Irish literature, culture, and folklore and her fascination with the Celtic world. She has a particular love of stories of heroines, goddess, and women whose tales were forgotten by history.

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