Ep 0: Fáilte: Welcome to KnotWork Storytelling

Published on: 20th January, 2022

From your host, Marisa Goudy, word witch, writing coach, story healer, and author of The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic:

I started this show because I know in my bones that mythology is medicine for our modern maladies. We use the ancient stories to understand our lives all the time. Thing is, we usually just aren’t aware of it.

In this episode, I share my own story of my relationship to storytelling, including my early fascination with Irish culture and Celtic mythology that carried me all the way to an MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at University College Dublin.

You’ll hear many stories from Ireland because those stories are dear to me and are closest to my expertise, but my guests are bringing tales from their own traditions and ancestral lineages. In future seasons, I hope to cast our story net further and further and call in storytellers, characters and plots from around the globe.

When you subscribe to KnotWork Storytelling, you can expect:

  • original stories drawn from mythology and folklore, that either myself or my guest have adapted
  • we seek to balance the material from the original manuscripts and the tales collected by folklorists with the modern sensibilities that really make these stories come alive
  • some guests are brilliant oral storytellers who will perform their favorite pieces for you
  • authors whose fiction draws upon ancient origin legends, heroes’ journeys, and heroines’ tales

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About the Podcast

KnotWork Storytelling
Myths Retold, from Ireland and Beyond
In each KnotWork Storytelling episode, we'll explore a different story from mythology, folklore, or history, particularly from Ireland and the Celtic World. Then, my guest and I dive deep into why these ideas and characters still resonate today.

Your host is Marisa Goudy, author of The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic. She is a Myth Worker, a Story Healer, a Writing Coach, and a has an MA in Irish literature from University College Dublin.

Join us as we wander through these ancient storylines as we set out on a quest to learn from the past, better understand the present, and craft a sustainable future.

Every episode reminds us that age-old stories are medicine for this modern moment.

About your host

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Marisa Goudy

Marisa Goudy is a story healer, a writing coach, and a word witch. Her book, The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic, was released in 2020.
Marisa nurtures writers and storytellers in her long-running online writing community, the Sovereign Writers’ Knot.
On this show, Marisa combines her passion for story with her love of Irish literature, culture, and folklore and her fascination with the Celtic world. She has a particular love of stories of heroines, goddess, and women whose tales were forgotten by history.