Episode 2

Achtan: A Brave Mother’s Tale, featuring Karina Tynan | S5 Ep2

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Our Story

Meet Achtan, a druid’s daughter and mother of a future king, Cormac, son of Airt. This is a story of sovereignty, of spellwork, and of our deepest entanglement with nature. Bees, wolves, and horses also play a magical role in this tale.

Our Guest

Karina Tynan is a psychotherapist and the author of two collections of Retellings from Irish Mythology: TÁIN : The Women’s Stories offers a new lens on great Irish epic, Táin Bó Cuailnge (The Cattle Raid of Cooley), and SÍDH : Stories from the Women in Irish Mythology, which  are linked through the presence of the goddess in her many manifestations. 

Karina's interest in Irish mythology began almost 30 years ago through the Bard Summer School which commences each July on Clare Island, Co Mayo, Ireland. Each year the summer school explores an Irish myth for its contemporary relevance. 

You can purchase Karina’s books at bookshops across Ireland. International readers can buy them directly from the author: https://karinatynan.com/

Find Karina on Instagram @irishmythsretold

Both books are illustrated by Karina’s daughter, artist Kathy Tynan, kathytynan.net & @kathy.tynan. The books are designs by Karina’s niece, Ruby Henderson  Insta: @ruby.hndrsn

Our Conversation

  • Our need for magic, and the way we know that magic when we meet it: magic wakes you up.
  • Ultimately, this is a powerful conversation both about growing and about parenting - both in the ancient times we imagine and in this difficult contemporary moment. 
  • Sacrifice (whose roots mean “to make sacred”) particularly, when it comes to parenthood
  • The five spells of druidic protection are inspired by the original sources and Karina's imagination
  • Irish myth’s tradition of the geis (pl. geasa): a cross between a curse and a taboo. Modern examples of geasa: the ethics of psychotherapy; the way humans - or, the richest humans - are transgressing the limits of our planet’s ability to support life with the addiction to fossil fuels
  • Our fear of our own children’s fragility, including fears of giving our kids an eating disorder or pushing them to suicide
  • The importance of fathering - both for partner and child
  • The role of rhythmic stories, fairy tale, adventure, and romances in the development of children
  • The role of ritual, particularly coming of age rituals which get people to wake up and be alive to what happens in life.

Our Music

Music at the start of the show is by Beth Sweeney and Billy Hardy: billyandbeth.com

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